Lil Pump Posts A Threatening Video After Someone Broke His Car Windows [Video]

Lil Pump was beside himself after vandals broke the windows out of his luxury vehicles.

via: Uproxx

Florida rapper Lil Pump was understandably upset when he discovered that someone busted the windows of his luxury car over the weekend, posting a video in which he threatens the as-yet-unknown culprits with violent repercussions. Panning his phone’s camera over the damage, Pump promised, “Whoever did this, I’ma catch you and I’ma blow your brains out… Step foot in my yard again. I want you to step foot in my yard. I’ma be up for three days straight… That’s a free body for me.”

Pump seems to have gotten himself into a number of disagreements over the past year, including with JetBlue Airlines after refusing to wear a mask during a December flight and with Eminem fans after lashing out at the elder rapper over Eminem’s derogatingly name-checking him in songs.

Of course, Pump also seemingly invited the disapproval of a great many outspoken hip-hop fans when he decided to endorse Donald Trump’s re-election run — despite not being registered to vote himself — even going so far as releasing the baffling single, “Lil Pimp Big MAGA Steppin.”

After doing so much to alienate so many people, it’s not hard to believe that the destruction was meant to antagonize Pump, but it’s equally likely he’s merely seeing the rift between rabblerousing youth and adults from the other side.

Although it’s not known who vandalized Pump’s car, it’s safe to say that the rapper has made a lot of enemies as of late. During the election season, Pump found himself on the wrong side of the country by supporting Donald Trump (who didn’t even know his name).

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