A Lil Baby Fan Got Destroyed By Security When They Rushed The Stage, And Lil Baby Was Concerned [Video]

A man was aggressively shoved off stage by a security guard while Lil Baby was performing at a festival in Switzerland earlier this week.

via: Uproxx

The past couple of weekends have been filled with incidents between artists and fans at music festivals. First, Lil Uzi Vert was accused of hitting a fan in the face with a cell phone at London’s Wireless Festival after he threw one into the crowd. After that, Cardi B seemingly got into a scuffle with someone at that same Wireless Festival after they grabbed her hair. Lastly, Roddy Ricch quite literally kicked a fan offstage after they rushed toward him at Switzerland’s Openair Frauenfeld Festival. Now, an incident involving Lil Baby at that same Swiss festival joins that list.

Lil Baby was performing his 2020 record “On Me” at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival when a fan rushed the stage. it seemed like they got onstage with the hope of interacting with Lil Baby, but that attempt was quickly put to an end after a security guard pushed the individual off the stage and into the front row barricade. The security guard’s reaction seemingly took Lil Baby by surprise as he paused the show to make sure the individual was okay.

You can watch the fan get tossed off the stage in the video below.

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