Life Suck Right Now? Here's How to Get Free Beer During Quarantine [Video]

We can thank 93-year-old Olive Veronesi for the opportunity.

When times like these “suck,” who doesn’t want a nice, cold beer.

At least that’s what Coors Light is suggesting, as they’ve rolled out a new campaign called #CouldUseABeer, where the thirsty masses — starved for some refreshing respite from these long days of quarantine — can nominate a friend or a loved one, via Twitter, to receive a free 6-pack of beer.

Those who write up a post with “#CouldUseABeer” and are the lucky chosen will receive a code for the delicious sixer to give as a gift to the deserving acquaintance.

But you can keep it all for yourself too.

In that case, go ahead and nominate a frenemy you’d like to call out publicly — just don’t expect too much in return.

The advertisement rolled out for the promotion features “sucky” times in our nation’s history such as the Revolutionary War, the Great Depression and Prohibition where beer — or any alcoholic libation really — helped soothe the spirits of the people.

“Did it solve anything? No, of course not,” the commercial says, “But it did help them press on.”

According to the advertisement agency DDB, the term “sucky” — used repeatedly in the clip — was a gamble that paid off.

“We did spend some time thinking about what was the perfect word to describe what we’re going through right now,” Britt Nolan, North American CCO for DDB, told Adweek . “[Brands are] all playing the same emotional note right now. But I think the thing you can’t forget is that brands can be a social levity for people, especially beer. Beer should lighten the mood.”

“So many brands are trying to articulate how people are feeling, tugging on the heartstrings,” he added. “What we found is that it’s really hard to articulate how people are feeling right now. It just sucks. And it sucks differently for everybody.”

Meanwhile, we can thank 93-year-old Pennsylvanian Olive Veronesi for the opportunity to score some free brew. She was the impetus for the campaign after a picture of her in quarantine standing behind her front door with a sign reading, “I need more beer!” went viral.

Coors Light gifted the wonderful woman 10 free cases of beer.

“When Coors decided to send her a bunch of cases of beers, the conversation it sparked was about all these people coming out saying who else could use a beer,” Nolan said. “So the notion had been floating around, but people were ready to have this conversation.”

Cheers to Olive!

The promotion will end once 500,000 beers have been given away. Hurry up!

[via TooFab]

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