Lamar Odom Spotted Stocking Up on DVDs, Reportedly Kicked Out of the House [Photos]


Lamar Odom was seen grabbing a few DVDs from Blockbuster over the weekend. I think the biggest question here is: Who knew Blockbusters still existed?

He grabbed some takeout too. From the looks of things, he seemed pretty normal — but according to reports his life is in shambles.

TMZ is reporting that Lamar has been kicked out of the house by Khloe unless he goes to rehab.

Our well-placed sources say Khloe has laid down the law — Lamar can’t live at home until he completes rehab — which he’s been unwilling to do since his addiction spun out of control.

Khloe has kicked Lamar out before, but we’re told this time she’s vowing not to fold … and Friday’s DUI bust was the last straw. Our sources say Lamar didn’t call Khloe or his lawyers after the arrest. They found out when TMZ broke the story hours later. Khloe was pissed.

Khloe and Lamar did spend time together Saturday at their home — but Lamar was sent on his merry way after 4 hours of jawboning about his addiction to crack and other drugs.

As one source said … they’re still at an impasse and the prospects of saving their marriage are “grim.”

Well, looks can be deceiving. Hopefully he’s on the right path.

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