Lamar Odom Breaks Silence to Put Deadbeat Dad On Blast for Trashing The Kardashians [Video]

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Lamar Odom has broken his Twitter silence in response to a merciless interview his father gave to Radar Online in which he trashed the Kardashians and blamed them for Lamar’s drug addiction.

Lamar wasn’t having it and took to Twitter to vent his frustrations. In his rant, he not only blames his father for his own drug addiction — but adds further insult to injury by claiming the Kardashians are the ONLY family he has.

Check out what Lam had to say below:

Lamar Odom Dad Kardashians


Lamar’s father apparently realized the err of his ways after reading Lamar’s public rant and spoke to TMZ, telling them that Lamar is “clean” and the Kardashians are “wonderful”. SMH

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