Kylie Jenner and Tyga Have Broken Up For Good...Or So They Say

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The relationship web between Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, Tyga, and Kylie Jenner just got a little less complicated. Kylie and Tyga have reportedly ended their relationship for good.

via TMZ:

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ … it happened days before the Met Ball last week. They were both at the gala, but they did not walk the red carpet together, and that was her decision.

As for why … everyone’s being tight-lipped, but we do know this. Tyga took his mom and a model to Mother’s Day lunch … and he’s not telling his friends whether she’s his new GF.

We also know this … the breakup was acrimonious. We’re told Kylie was bent out of shape that Tyga had the nerve to go to the Met Ball. He was only invited because of her, and she’s mad at herself that she didn’t think to have him made persona non grata.

The 2 have broken up before, but we’re told this time there’s no going back.

Now that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are expecting a child, this probably works out best for everyone involved. Now Rob doesn’t have to worry about being an Uncle Daddy to baby King.

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