Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna Ended Their Feud with Help from Kim Kardashian -- See What Rob Had to Say [Photo]

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Kim Kardashian has proven herself to be quite the peace maker. First, she patched things up with Amber Rose and now she’s responsible for helping little sister Kylie fix her relationship with Blac Chyna for the sake of their brother Rob.

via TMZ:

Sources close to Blac Chyna tell TMZ she got a call from Kim several weeks ago to hash out the drama over her and Rob Kardashian’s engagement. Chyna obliged and went to Kim’s pad for the sit-down.

We’re told they both agreed there was no reason for family beef over Rob and Chyna getting hitched — since the more important point was Rob being happy, and getting out of the house again.

The peace summit also covered Tyga — y’know, the fact he’s dating Kylie and is also Chyna’s baby daddy. We’re told Kim made it clear the time was right for the ladies to chat.

A few days later Kylie and Chyna talked on the phone, which led to Thursday’s face-swapping Snapchat session — and an agreement to squash all beef.  

Good for them. Rob Kardashian took to Instagram this morning to show love for both Kylie and Blac Chyna.

So happy my girls finally got to talk and make peace! #MyFamily #AllLove

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