Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky Do Not Have a Prenup |

Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky Do Not Have a Prenup

Fans were shocked when it was revealed last summer that Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky—once considered the golden couple of Bravo—were breaking up after 27 years of marriage.

But then the couple issued a joint statement addressing their separation and presented a united front through various vacations, only to both go on to fuel romance rumors with other people. It’s complicated doesn’t even begin to cover everything that has unfolded since July.

TMZ is reporting that they have no immediate plans to go down the road of divorce, but it’s worth noting — they do not have a prenup in place.

With Kyle recently referring to their separation as a straight-up divorce — there’s a fortune on the table if that apparent slip of the tongue becomes reality … although sources with direct knowledge tell us neither Kyle nor Mauricio has lawyered up.

Multiple sources tell TMZ … Kyle and Mauricio are not directly talking about ending their marriage, but we’re told the thought is certainly present … so division of assets is something to consider, assuming they decide to cross that bridge.

Kyle has made her mark on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and scored millions of dollars, and Mauricio has acquired a net worth of $100M with nearly $5B in real estate sales.

When he married Kyle, he wasn’t even working in real estate. He was making peanuts while working in fashion before going into real estate, working for Kyle’s brother-in-law Rick Hilton and then opening The Agency in 2011.

The pair’s decision to separate wasn’t an easy one — Kyle broke down in tears this past weekend when asked where things stood between them during a Q&A at BravoCon.

It looks like Mauricio is having an easier time, enjoying the single life with some cozy sightings with his ‘DWTS’ partner, Emma Slater.

As of now, the exes are playing friendly … so if they do decide to end their marriage, some accountants and lawyers are going to have a busy time dividing the spoils of their marriage.

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