Krupt Hospitalized After Alcohol Relapse, Booze Now Banned From 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Krupt relapsed on alcohol at the ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ house and was rushed to the hospital.

Because of his actions, alcohol has reportedly been banned from the house.

via TMZ:

Sources close to production tell TMZ … Kurupt turned up with the rest of the cast inside the ‘MBC’ house, and the rapper drank so much he ended up needing medical treatment. We’re told Kurupt missed 2 days of filming while he was hospitalized from his boozy night.

Kurupt’s bender is having serious repercussions for him and his costars. Our sources say production told cast members there will be no more alcohol in the house for the remainder of this season, and the plan is to ban booze from future seasons.

Before Kurupt’s dangerous relapse … we’re told every adult beverage imaginable was available in the ‘MBC’ house … but now the home is completely dry.

Ya gotta feel for Kurupt … the rapper’s trying to recover from a drinking problem and stay sober, but he was living in a house stocked with vices.

Guess they don’t call it ‘Marriage Booze Camp’ for a reason.

If they don’t get any interesting footage, alcohol will be RIGHT back in that house.

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