Kordell Stewart Confirms It IS Him in That Nude Video + Porsha Williams Says She Has Nothing to Do with Kordell 'TOOTING' His Booty to the Camera [Video]

Kordell Stewart called into TMZ Sports to discuss the nude video of him that leaked and confirmed that he IS the person in the clip showing off his naughty bits.

As reported, a man alleges he was in a relationship with Kordell for two year and offered up the nude video as proof.

A woman emailed lovebscott.com to confirm that Kordell is in the clip, but she says he actually sent that video to HER. The woman also says that the video was edited to make it look like Kordell was showing his ass, but that was someone else’s ass spliced in. According to the woman, the video got out publicly because she shared it with some friends.

Interestingly enough, Kordell makes no mention of the edit — and he says the woman he sent it to got her phone stolen.

So — was her phone stolen? Or did she send the video to friends?

On another note, Porsha Williams says that she has nothing to with what’s going on.

“This is obviously a publicity stunt that Kordell and maybe one of his partners in crime came up with.”

“The truth is I have not spoken with Kordell Stewart since the day I signed our divorce decree. I have nothing to do with Kordell ‘TOOTING’ his derrière to the camera for the world to see.”

She adds, “I would suggest Kordell find another hobby and wish him a very Happy New Year.”


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