He Would Know: Tyrese Has Advice for Drake and Kanye, Says Arguing on Social Media Isn't the Way to Go [Video]

Tyrese has learned from his past and is now hoping to pass on that wisdom to Drake and Kanye West.

via TMZ:

We got the singer leaving Avra Friday in Bev Hills and he says there’s no reason for Kanye and Drake to be feuding on Twitter when “they live literally 2 blocks from each other.” If anyone knows about beefing with someone on social media and how bad of a look that is, it’s Tyrese.

Remember … Tyrese went after The Rock for being selfish. When the dust settled … Tyrese was the first one to publicly say beefing was straight-up unprofessional.

As for Ye and Drake … what started as a simple demand for an apology morphed into a standoff and allegations of threats. Tyrese says the rappers gotta put male ego aside.

Check out the video below.

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