Kim Zolciak Wants You to Know She's Taking NeNe Leakes' 'Racist' Allegations Very Seriously + Weighs-In on Rape Comment Controversy [Video]

Kim Zolciak feels that NeNe Leakes getting kicked off the Xscape tour for making rape comments towards a heckler is exactly what she deserved — but she’s not letting go those racist comments either.

via TMZ:

We got Kim and her daughter Brielle Biermann at LAX Thursday, and after Kim throws some extra shade at NeNe for getting dropped from the Xscape reunion tour … she goes off on her for bringing accusations of racism into the mix.

Kim then doubles down on what we knew — she’s lawyered up and plans to go after Leakes if she doesn’t take back the “#racisttrash” and “KKK” comments about her family.

Seems like the clock’s ticking too.

Watch Kim speak on it below.

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