Kim Zolciak Reveals What It Would Take to Get Her Back on Real Housewives of Atlanta

The “Don’t Be Tardy” star admitted that it’s something she’s been thinking about “over the last couple months.”

Kim Zolciak may be celebrating the premiere of the 8th season of her own reality series “Don’t Be Tardy…” Tuesday night, but the former “Real Housewife” has also been thinking about her time in the franchise.

When asked if she would ever consider returning to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” where she was one of the main cast-members for the first five seasons, Zolciak admitted that she’d actually been thinking a bit about her time on the show.

“I think, and this has kind of just come to my mind over the last couple months, that the first season, all of us … were friends before this ever started for years,” she told E!, “They should just bring back the whole cast from season 1 and like, ‘Where are we now?’”

“Like, go out to dinner and do this all over again,” she continued. “Because I think we’re really fun, you know, in all honesty.”

As for coming back with the current cast, Zolciak just doesn’t see the point as she has no connection with any of the current cast. “Going back now, for what?” she asked rhetorically. “For who? No. Shereé [Whitfield’s] not there. NeNe [Leakes’] not there. Like, no.”

Maybe she could take inspiration from her RV trip with her family — and six kids! — that will be chronicled in “Tardy’s” Season 8 and the OG ladies could plan a road trip. Leakes just became available, having stepped away from the show ahead of the upcoming Season 13.

That means Zolciak, Leakes, Whitfield, Lisa Wu and DeShawn Snow are all free (so to speak) to rekindle their friendship on a cross-country road trip.

Travel or not, it could be like when the “Jersey Shore” kids (now adults) did for their “Family Vacation” reunion season. The fans loved that so much it became an ongoing series.

Not to mention, that several of the long-running “Real Housewives” franchises have undergone a lot of cast changes over the years, so we can imagine fans would totally be on board with reconnecting with some of those ladies that got them hooked in the first place.

Of course, things are a little rocky between Leakes, Andy Cohen and the production team right now, so this might have to either wait for cooler heads to prevail, or contracts to free people up to come together on another network.

In reality, though, this probably will never exist in reality. But like Zolciak, we can imagine just how much fun it would be.

In the meantime, Zolciak and her whole family can be seen trying to survive a road trip together as “Don’t Be Tardy…” continues every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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