Kim Zolciak-Biermann Claps Back at Cyberbullies: 'Your Words Hurt People'

“Stop cyber bullying!! Not everyone is as strong as others and your words hurt people!”

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is not here for the online haters.

The “Don’t Be Tardy” star, 42, took to her Instagram Story to call out online trolls over criticism she says she gets on a daily basis.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta alum said, “I really want you f****** to think when you leave a nasty comment on somebody’s page [about] how that would make you feel.”

In the videos she wrote: “Stop cyber bullying!! Not everyone is as strong as others and your words hurt people! #STOP.” The reality TV star also added a “Stop Cyber Bullying” sticker to her posts.

Zolciak-Biermann ended her Instagram rant by saying, “I’m strong, right? I’ve been in this business 13 years. I’m a very strong-minded person,” she continued. “But you can truly affect someone with your bulls***. So, stop! There’s no need to spread negativity.”

The famous family is known for clapping back at haters. Earlier this year Zolciak-Biermann’s daughter Brielle Biermann, 23, set a hater straight for claiming she lied about her “no makeup” selfie.

In response, Brielle refuted the claims in a series of posts on her Instagram Story.

“Hahahha what the f–k. I was at the spa,” she wrote. “Why would i [sic] lie about not having makeup on..?”

“I’m allergic to eyelash extensions so i [sic] don’t get them,” she continued in another post. “literally came from the pool to the spa… if you don’t see me with a full face of makeup I’m not wearing any.”

“I literally put a LIL swish of mascara on every day and call it a day,” Brielle added. “Thankful for good skin to keep y’all thinking it’s foundation.”

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