Kim Kardashian at War with Neighbors Over Construction Of Underground Vault

Kim Kardashian is getting ready to build a massive underground bunker at her Hidden Hills home — and her neighbors are NOT having it.

via The Blast:

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star is currently locked in a battle over the construction of an underground cavern near her Hidden Hills home. In the documents, a neighbor is asking a judge to halt the building claiming the unearthing of the dirt is extremely dangerous, considering the property is located near several high-pressure gas lines.

In the filing, the person claims Kim’s home is going to look like a scene from the movie ‘Richie Rich’ if she is allowed to go through with the project. Not only is she building the underground vault — she is also allegedly constructing a subterranean “wellness center” and an underground parking structure. Plus, she is adding a detached guardhouse to the property.

Kim’s neighbors fired off several legal letters after learning she is planning on cutting and filling over 5,000 cubic yards of dirt in connection with the project. If allowed to go forward, one neighbor is complaining that the Hidden Hills Association will be allowing for Kardashian to “flatten two hills” and compacting dirt which is built on “top of two high-pressure gas transmission lines.”

Hidden Hills community members are upset about Kardashian’s James Bond-style construction for two reasons: First, they argue that the neighborhood must maintain its “natural and rustic county setting” and restrict any resident from changing the existing topography in any drastic way. In fact, the neighbor cites one of Hidden Hills community bi-laws saying it’s an obligation “to safeguard the welfare of all residents, maintain and improve property values, and retain the open rustic country feeling, and certain minimum architectural standards are necessary.”

Second, neighbors claim the construction puts residents at risk because of the high-pressure gas lines running near the property. If allowed to go forward, the legal documents say it is placing “Hidden Hills community members at risk of catastrophic bodily injury and irreparable real personal property damage.”

Either way, the neighbors are pointing out that the projects “can and will cause irreparable harm at a minimum to the destruction of two hills of Hidden Hills” and “moving forward these two development projects may cause loss of a life.”

In the legal documents, one neighbor points out the tragedy of the San Bruno gas pipeline explosion in California in 2010. At the time, “people lost their lives and many homes were destroyed when the 30-inch high-pressure transmission pipe exploded,” the state. Adding, the same gas company involved in Hidden Hills was the operator in “the Porter Ranch incident in 2015, arguably one of the worst environmental disasters in the United States resulting in an estimated 30,000 people in a five-mile radius being evacuated.”

In the end, the neighbor is asking for an injunction to stop all construction on the project — and wants to court to force Hidden Hills to halt the building of the underground spa and vault.

The decision is now up to a judge. The case is ongoing.

Kim might have to drop some extra millions on another plot of land for her massive bunker.

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