Kim Kardashian Sued for Posting a Photo of Herself and Husband Kanye West on Instagram

Kim Kardashian is facing a lawsuit for sharing a cute photo taken of her and husband Kanye West.

via TMZ:

This tender moment between the Wests ended up on Kim’s Instagram — back in October 2018 — and while more than 2.2 million people liked it, one professional photographer hates it to the point he’s suing Kim.

Saeed Bolden says he’s the guy who snapped the loving shot, and therefore he owns it. According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Bolden says he never gave KKW permission to use it, nor did she pay him to use it … so he wants a little something for his trouble.

For sure, it’s a rare pic … Kanye’s smiling, after all. We think it’s from their trip to Africa — when Ye was working on an album … which he ended up scrapping altogether.

As for how much the pic is worth? Bolden doesn’t name a price — he’s suing for any profits Kim’s made off the post, plus punitive damages.

Oddly, he’s also suing Kim’s shapewear line, Skims Body. because he claims it shares Kim’s IG account … though the solo Skims account never posted the photo.

Copyright law as it relates to photographs and digital works needs to be seriously updated — especially as they pertain to social media.

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