Kim Kardashian Reveals North West's Incredibly Strict Diet

The reality star also revealed her very specific Starbucks order.

It looks like North West doesn’t enjoy dino chicken nuggets.

While answering fan questions during a Twitter Q&A Monday night, Kim Kardashian broke down what she eats in a day on a plant-based diet and revealed her 6-year-old daughter, North, is a pescatarian.

When a fan asked Kim if she would ever go vegan, the reality star replied, “I eat mostly plant based. No meat anymore.” Another Twitter user followed up Kim’s response by asking if her kids eat plant-based too. “Yes they do!” Kim replied. “North is a pescatarian though.” (Pescatarians eat fish, but swear off meat and poultry.)

The KKW beauty founder went on to share some of her go-to plant-based meals, including, “oatmeal and vegan sausage for breakfast” and “vegan tacos are my fave for lunch! Salads are good too!” Kim also added, “Sea Moss Smoothies are really good too.”

Despite following a “mostly” plant-based diet, it seems that the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star enjoys junk food every now and then.

When asked to name her favorite snack, Kim tweeted, “I love Cheetos. OMG Cheetos puffs too and Doritos sometimes.”

However, Kim expressed that she only likes regular Cheetos, not Flaming Hot Cheetos. “I hate HOT anything! I hate Spicey [sic] anything,” she wrote. I know this is going to be very unpopular to so many but I just don’t like it. Regular Cheetos for me or Cheetos puffs are my absolute fave.”

Kim also revealed her very specific Starbucks order. “Small size soy chai latte or smallest size white chocolate mocha with whipped cream,” she tweeted. “They have to be the smallest size or they don’t taste the same to me.”

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