Kim Kardashian Receives Heartfelt Thank You Letter From Alice Johnson: 'You Are Literally Helping to Save My Life' [Photo]

62-year-old Alice Marie Johnson is beyond grateful that Kim Kardashian hired her high-powered attorneys to help work on her case and get her out of jail.

The grandmother, who is currently serving a life sentence for a first time drug offense, sent Kim a heartfelt thank-you letter.

According to the note, Alice couldn’t believe it when she found out Kim hired Shawn Holley to assist on her case.

Alice wrote,

“Ms. Kardashian you are literally helping to save my life and restore me to my family. I was drowning and you have thrown me a life jacket and given me hope.”

As reported, Kim has also hired her lawyers to help Cyntoia Brown’s case.

Kim and her team of lawyers are continuing to communicate with Alice, Cyntoia and their lawyers in order to develop the best plan for clemency.

Peep the letter below.

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