Kim Kardashian Flashes Dazzling Diamond Engagement Ring + Kim & Kanye Will Sign A Prenup [Photos]

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Engaged Ring Lovebscott 6

Kim Kardashian was too thrilled to show off her new 15-carat engagement ring. She made her first post-proposal outing with her new husband-to-be on Thursday night.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Engaged Ring Lovebscott 3

Kim & ‘Ye attended the Dream For Future Africa Foundation gala at Spago in Beverly Hills, California. We really do love this thicker Kim!

According to TMZ, the two will sign a prenuptial agreement before heading down the isle.

Multiple sources connected with the couple tell us … both Kanye and Kim are committed to the marriage and they are NOT signing a prenup because they’re worried the relationship might fall apart.  But they’re both business people and know given their vast wealth it’s just the smart thing to do to have a prenup.

Kim especially understands the importance of a prenup because her late father, attorney Robert Kardashian, told her over and over about the necessity of having clear contracts when it came to money.

We’re also told … even though they will keep their assets separate, they will have a fat joint account for living expenses that will probably approach the gross national product of a small country.

As for how much they have … some reports place Kim’s wealth at $40 mil and Kanye’s at $90 mil.  But we’re told Kim’s actually worth more than Kanye. 

Smart move, guys.

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