Kim Fields' Diva Behavior is Reportedly Becoming Too Much for Her RHOA Co-Stars


According to reports, Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie Kim Fields is becoming a bit of a headache for her co-workers.

Sources on set tell us some of Kim’s co-stars are livid she’s been showing up late and leaving early for shoots. In one case, we’re told she left Kandi Burruss‘ baby shower early — during taping — so she could help her kids do math homework.  

Also, when they were filming in Jamaica, Kim showed up with her kids even though producers told the cast absolutely NO KIDS.

We’re told Kim acts like she’s better than everyone else, and still in her ’80s heyday of ‘Facts of Life.’ Sources close to Kim say that’s way off base, and she’s a “consummate pro” who works with producers to ensure she meets her responsibilities to work and family. They also point out she shows up for every shoot on time and in good spirits. 

But with other cast members feeling like Kim disrespects ‘RHOA’ rules and schedules … we’d say there’s a juicy chick fight brewing.

Kim Fields is 100% correct in putting her children first, however when one makes a commitment to be somewhere and do something (even if it’s reality television) — one should honor said commitment.

[via TMZ]


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