Kid Cudi Reveals He Suffered A Stroke While In Rehab In 2016: ‘Everything Was F*cked’

Kid Cudi has revealed that he suffered a stroke while in rehab back in 2016. Speaking with Esquire for a new profile, the Man on the Moon rapper explained that his speech and movement were slowed down for a time as a result.

via: Uproxx

Kid Cudi has long been open about his mental health struggles and he’s a proponent of therapy and receiving treatment. But for years, he did not reveal a near-death experience he endured while seeking treatment back in 2016. In an interview with Esquire (ahead of his upcoming animated series, Entergalactic), Cudi revealed that he suffered a stroke two weeks into his rehab stint.

“Everything was f*cked,” said Cudi, noting that as a result of the stroke, his speech and physical movement were slowed down.

In addition to mental health treatment, Cudi would also enter a physical rehabilitation program. The following year, he would attempt to make a return to acting, this time, on the stage. He read with actor Michael Cera for a role in a Broadway play called Lobby Hero, memorizing a large amount of dialogue. Although Cudi didn’t land the role, he found the fact that he was able to prepare for the audition rewarding.

“I proved to myself that I could do it. I needed that at the time,” he said. “I was happy. Like, damn, my brain is still strong. I didn’t lose something in that sh*t that happened.”

Kid Cudi’s new visual album and animated series, Entergalactic, streams on Netflix on September 30.

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