Khloe Kardashian Says Lamar Odom is Lying, Insists She Was Ambushed

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Khloe Kardashian refutes claims that she set up a meeting with Lamar Odom at 5:45 am outside of her SoulCycle workout class.

Sources connected with Khloe tell TMZ, she has had NO contact with Lamar for weeks and in fact changed her number a few weeks back and never gave him the digits.

TMZ broke the story … Kardashian sources and eyewitnesses at SoulCycle Wednesday claim Lamar surprised Khloe on her way in at 6:45 AM, began shouting at her and put his hands on her shoulder before she told him to get away. Khloe jumped in her car and beat it.

Lamar told TMZ he and Khloe had communicated before the meeting and said it was absolutely not an ambush. But our Khloe sources say in no way did she invite him there and she had no idea he would be there.  

The Khloe sources also say it’s weird because she normally doesn’t take a class that early.

We’re told Khloe does not feel physically threatened, but says she’s concerned for Lamar’s well being.

Now that you think about it, if Khloe wanted to meet Lamar it would make more sense to meet after the class — not as she was walking in.

Furthermore, a little birdie tells us that the E! cameras were nowhere to be seen.

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