Keyshia Cole Ordered to Pay $100,635 to the Woman She Beat Up in Birdman's Home

Keyshia Cole might want to sign up for another season of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ ASAP.

The singer has to pay over $100,000 to the woman she attacked at Birdman’s home back in 2014.

via TMZ:

Sabrina Mercadel had sued Keyshia for the 2014 incident, where she had gone to Birdman’s West L.A. condo in the middle of the night and accused the Cash Money CEO of cheating on her. Mercadel, who was in the unit, was on the receiving end of Keyshia’s rage. She says Keyshia punched her in the face, yanked her hair and clawed her face and mouth with her nails. 

Sabrina says she lost the use of a finger as a result of the attack. 

The suit ended with a judgment against Keyshia for $100,635. That’s a lot of money, but nowhere near the $4 million Sabrina was after.

Those hands cost Keyshia a pretty penny. Maybe she’ll think twice next time.

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