Kevin Spacey Must Pay $31 Million To ‘House Of Cards’ Producers After Being Fired From The Show

A judge on Thursday ruled that Kevin Spacey and his production companies must pay the makers of “House of Cards” nearly $31 million because of losses brought on by his 2017 firing for the sexual harassment of crew members.

via: Uproxx

Kevin Spacey has been quietly trying to toss out his $31 million lawsuit from MRC, the production company behind House Of Cards, but this week, Entertainment Weekly has reported that a judge ordered the actor to pay the company for their losses after they were forced to remove him from the sixth season of the acclaimed series.

Spacey played Frank Underwood on the hit Netflix series before he was fired due to a number of sexual assault allegations from young men, including then-14-year-old Anthony Rapp. The allegations caused MRC to investigate and eventually terminate all of his acting and producing contracts in 2017. The company claimed that Spacey owed them millions in lost profits after his allegations.

The actor has denied any and all allegations about him, though earlier this year he was charged with four counts of sexual assault in the UK. Since then, he has been dropped from a movie about Genghis Khan. He is expected to stand trial next year.

For now, it seems like the actor will have to shell out $30.9 million to MRC, who are reportedly “pleased” with the court’s ruling. Despite the allegations, Spacey has been able to get roles in various non-American projects, but no studio over here seems to want to risk being involved with the actor. He has an upcoming role in the Italian film The Man Who Drew God alongside Faye Dunaway.

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