Kenya Moore Says It's Too Late to Make Amends with NeNe Leakes [Video]

Kenya Moore says her and friendship with NeNe Leakes beyond repair because too much has happened.

via TMZ:

We got the ‘RHOA’ star in Atlanta Tuesday at the premiere of the new show, “Waka and Tammy: What the Flocka,” where she told us why she’s not willing to reconcile with the spirited and equally opinionated NeNe after a bitter feud erupted on this week’s show.

Kenya says NeNe showed her true colors in how she dealt with Kenya to her face — but perhaps more offensive is how she spoke about Kenya behind her back in a confessional.

ICYMI … NeNe tried weighing on Kenya’s marital problems with Marc Daly — who’s been caught texting other women — and when Kenya refused to have a chat with NeNe … the gloves came off in terms of insults. NeNe called Kenya “sad,” also criticizing her skin.

Kenya thinks NeNe went too far, and because of that … there’s no going back between them.

And, as far as the rumor NeNe and her own hubby, Gregg, have an open relationship now … Kenya says it’s par for the course. Person who’s loudest has their own problems, it seems.

Check out the clip below. There’s been so much vitriol between NeNe and Kenya —  if both ladies say what they need to say then this upcoming ‘RHOA’ reunion might just be one for the record books.

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