Kenya Moore Confirms She and Ex Marc Daly 'Unfortunately' Didn't Sign a Prenup |

Kenya Moore Confirms She and Ex Marc Daly ‘Unfortunately’ Didn’t Sign a Prenup

Kenya Moore’s divorce still isn’t finalized — and now she’s sharing why.

via People:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Special Forces: World’s Toughest Teststar admitted she and Daly didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot.

When asked why the divorce was yet finalized, Moore told TMZ: “No prenup, so yeah, unfortunately.”

However, the reality star added that she feels “confident that it will get resolved soon.”

While Moore, 51, didn’t confirm a timeline for the divorce to be finalized, Moore teased that she was ready for a “hot girl summer.”

On last Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live, Moore reiterated that she hopes the divorce will be finalized soon nearly two years after the couple split in May 2021, adding, “The world’s longest divorce.”

The Bravo star also opened up about having their marriage troubles exposed on RHOA on Monday’s episode of Tamron Hall.

“It was a struggle just to work through our differences even during the show,” she admitted. “A lot of it was exposed, just how we weren’t getting along or weren’t on the same page.”

“As I said before, I felt like my voice was stifled a lot because I felt like I had to be a certain kind of wife to get along with him and his personality,” she added. “That’s not what a marriage is about.”

On the RHOA reunion in September, Moore confirmed she was “still not divorced.”

Moore said the holdup to divorce didn’t come down to alimony or child support: “He’s not asking for anything at this point. It’s just at a standstill so until we get a trial date or settle, it’s still going to go on.”

Despite still being married, Moore said her pending divorce wasn’t holding her back from meeting someone new.

“I’m definitely doing some group dating and have people pursuing me, but nothing serious yet,” she shared.

Moore and Daly — who share 4-year-old daughter Brooklyn — first wed in June 2017. They split for the first time in September 2019. Though they seemed to briefly rekindle their romance in February 2020, Daly confirmed in January 2021 that the couple had split once again.

That May, Moore filed for divorce, court documents stating that she has been living in a “bonafide state of separation” since September 2019 and that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

We hope she manages to get divorced soon — it’s been far too long!

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