Kenosha Police Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Identified as Rusten Sheskey

The Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times has been identified as Rusten Sheskey.

via TMZ:

The shooting is being investigated by the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation, and an initial account of Sunday’s incident fingers Sheskey as the trigger man.

According to the DOJ … Kenosha Police Department officers were dispatched to a residence after a female caller reported her boyfriend was there when he was not supposed to be.

During the incident, the DOJ says police attempted to arrest Jacob and used a taser to try and stop him, but it didn’t work.

The DOJ then describes what you’ve already seen on video … Jacob walked around his vehicle, opened the driver’s side door and leaned forward as Officer Sheskey held onto Blake’s shirt and fired 7 shots into his back.

As we reported … Jacob’s family says he is paralyzed from the waist down and will need a miracle to walk again.

The DOJ says Jacob told he had a knife in his possession, but DCI agents recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard in Blake’s car.  In other words, it wasn’t even close to Jacob when he was shot in the back 7 times. The DOJ says no other weapons were found in Jacob’s car.

The state says the DCI is continuing to review evidence and determine facts and will turn over its investigative report to a prosecutor once complete.

If Jacob didn’t have a knife outside when initially confronted by police and the knife ‘appeared’ in the car that he never actually made it into before getting shot, then Jacob did NOT have a knife in his possession.

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