Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos Detail Healthy Sex Life, As Andy Says This Is the Longest He's Gone Without It [Audio]

Ripa also reveals the most challenging thing about being in lockdown with all of their kids.

Kelly Ripa has already opened up her home to film “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” and now, she’s giving fans a glimpse inside her bedroom.

The talk show host joined and Andy Cohen joined SiriusXM host Bruce Bozzi for a Radio Andy special, “Quarantined with Bruce,” where the conversation eventually turned to everyone’s

Kelly asked Cohen what was the longest he’s ever gone without sex. “This is the longest I’ve gone since college,” said Cohen, referring to five-weeks of coronavirus self-isolation. “Since before this has started.”

Ripa then called husband Mark Consuelos over to ask him the same question. “He’s gonna hate this,” she said before she asked for the dirty details.

“I would say 17 1/2 years,” he replied, referring to his years of virginity before his first time. “I’ve been on the ride since.”

Both Andy and Kelly pushed back, asking if he’s had a five-week period since he became sexually active. He said he had, “when I’m on the road,” before Ripa revealed he was once in Australia working on a project for 7 months. “But you came right smack dab in the middle,” added Mark.

The two were asked what they attribute their healthy sex life to, with Ripa saying they “found each other at the right time in our lives.” She then added, “We were really pliable. We were pliable to each other. We really learned each other well and so with that comes a certain level of comfort and confidence and experimentation. We have fun, we enjoy.”

Mark agreed with everything she said, adding that Ripa checks off “all the boxes for me.”

The two are currently in lockdown with their three children, Michael, 22, Lola, 18 and Joaquin, 17. When asked what the biggest challenge was to having them around 24/7, Ripa applauded their kids for their attitudes during this time.

“I think they know how lucky they are, they are filled with gratitude. I think they’re also thrilled they’re not having to do their own laundry and not having to cook their own meals or eat the cafeteria food they were living on,” she said. “They have a newfound appreciation for us.”

She said Andy’s positive coronavirus diagnosis also helped them take the situation more seriously. “Andy — not to blame you — but when you got sick, it became very very real that somebody they know and love and consider their friend, it wasn’t some person they don’t know about living in some other place,” she said.

As for the challenges, she said they’ve been teasing her relentlessly.

“The only challenge I think is surviving their endless … they make fun of us constantly,” she revealed. “It’s constant. As soon as I leave the office, when I’m done with my show and I walk into the kitchen, they are on me. They are totally making fun of every word I’ve said, everything I’ve done.”

Cohen said that only showed that “no one is immune” from taunts by their kids.

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