Kelly Price Listed As a Missing Person In Georgia |

Kelly Price Listed As a Missing Person In Georgia

Singer Kelly Price is missing after being hospitalized for COVID-19.

via: The Sun

The Gospel star has been filed as an official missing person following a welfare check conducted at her home last Saturday.

Cobb County officials authorities told TMZ that they found “no evidence of foul play” and spoke with Kelly’s fiancé at the house.

However, they were not able to pinpoint her whereabouts and the 48-year-old is now listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center.

Though there are no confirmed answers explaining her location, weeks leading up to her disappearance, her family alleged she had fled the hospital.

She posted a video on July 29 revealing she had tested positive for Covid.

The songstress also added she was “struggling” with the symptoms – which continued to get more severe.

Kelly’s family told the outlet that she was admitted to a medical center and ended up in the ICU as her condition worsened.

The family members explained that they were “in touch” with Kelly while she was hospitalized back in early August with her children visiting “several times.”

According to her loved ones, they got a call that she had been discharged, which they called “surprising” as she was “still not fully healthy.”

The family claimed Kelly has not been heard from since and they even told law enforcement that her fiancé – who has widely been reported to be her boyfriend – is allegedly keeping friends and family from visiting her home.

Many of those close to Kelly are “concerned” – which led to a welfare check last week, the publication reported.

The investigation is underway and remains ongoing to find Kelly.

Fans immediately expressed their shock, worry and confusion on Twitter with many demanding answers.

One person asked of the timeline: “So Kelly Price has been missing since august and this is the first we’re hearing about it?”

“Somebody better go find Kelly Price, and I mean immediately,” a Twitter user demanded.

While another said with a prayer emoji: “Lord have mercy. I hope they find Kelly Price safe and sound!!”

“Kelly Price’s boyfriend sounds extremely shady. She’s been missing for nearly a month now and you won’t let her own family and friends visit the home? Come on now.

“Where is the sense of urgency from the authorities? Smh,” a fourth expressed on Twitter of her partner’s alleged involvement.

Someone else said of the accusations against her fiancé: “Kelly Price’s boyfriend needs to be questioned! He is keeping Kelly Price’s family away from her home!”

Praying that Kelly is okay.

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