Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Think People Give Mariah Carey Enough Credit As A Songwriter [Video]

Kelly Clarkson is always celebrating her fellow female powerhouses, and in a new interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, she shared her love for Mariah Carey‘s songwriting skills.

via: Uproxx

Kelly Clarkson’s new album Chemistry arrives tomorrow (June 23). The singer will be doing a Las Vegas residency in celebration of the release of the album.

She was also interviewed by Apple Music 1’s Zane Low to discuss all that’s going on. She ended up praising Mariah Carey, saying, “People don’t give her enough credit. People give her credit as, like, a singer. I don’t think people give her credit as a writer. I don’t think people realize. She wrote all that sh*t.”

She continued, “Financially, she’s rocking it because of what she’s done. I think people think of her as a songbird and they don’t think of her as the writer that she is. We talk about Carole King, we talk about James Taylor — those are all amazing people, yes, but I’m just saying.”

Earlier this year, the staff of her show The Kelly Clarkson Show alleged toxicity behind the scenes, with most accusations being directed at the executive producer Alex Duda. Clarkson addressed the situation with a statement and by implementing leadership training.

Chemistry is out 6/23 via Atlantic. Find more information here.

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