Katt Williams Says His Greedy Family Wants Him Hospitalized So They Can Get His Money


Katt Williams has been going through it these last few months — to the point where his family wants him to seek professional help.

Katt thinks it’s just a ploy so his family can get to his money.

via TMZ:

Katt tells us his “so-called family” has turned up the heat on him to get professional help, after a video surfaced that showed him getting into it with a 17-year-old. Katt grouses his family’s been trying to get him hospitalized for years … but only because they’re a bunch of “broke bitches.”

Katt’s suspicions have grown to the point he fired his entire team … a team he says has been fleecing him.

The family begs to differ, claiming Katt needs help. A source close to Katt tells us the comedian is so off the rails, he was found naked and covered in chocolate when cops raided his house earlier this month.

Katt says that’s just how he rolls … and it wasn’t just chocolate, there was whipped cream too and he “likes a bitch to lick it off him before he gets f***** to sleep.” 

Let’s just pray he turns things around before something truly tragic happens.

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