Katt Williams Says He Punched That Kid Because the Kid Got In His Face and Threatened Him [Video]

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As it turns out, Katt Williams may not be as crazy as we thought yesterday when that video surfaced of him punching a 7th grader.

According to Katt, the kid wouldn’t leave him alone and aggressively threatened him…and there’s video to back it up.

via TMZ:

Katt punched the boy in Gainesville, outside ATL, and it was caught on video. The boy then pounced on Katt, putting him in a rear naked choke hold.

The first video that surfaced shows the punch but almost nothing before. The new video shows the kid and his buddies following Katt, who sits passively against a wall. The kid seems to challenge Katt, accusing him of talking crap.

It seems Katt is trying to diffuse the situation, but the kid orders him to stand. When Katt gets up, the kid approaches him and gets inches from his face. That’s when Katt strikes.

As we reported, cops are investigating the incident. 

Check out the video below.

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