Kathy Griffin's Mother Maggie Dies at 99: 'I Am Gutted' [Photos]

Griffin pays tribute to her late mother on social media, as celebrities share their condolences.

Kathy Griffin’s mother, Maggie, has passed away. She was 99.

The comedian shared the news on Twitter late Tuesday night while also paying tribute to her mom, who was a celebrity in her own right thanks to her appearances on “My Life on the D-List,” which ran for six seasons.

“My Mom, the one and only, Maggie Griffin, passed away today,” wrote Kathy. “I am gutted. My best friend. I’m shaking. I won’t ever be prepared. I’m so grateful you guys got to be part of her life. You knew her. You loved her. She knew it. Oh, and OF COURSE she went on St Patrick’s Day.”

She also shared a photo of the two of them enjoying a drink together poolside.

Many of Kathy’s celebrity friends and fans sent their condolences to her on social media as well.

“Oh Kathy. I am so, so sorry. We love you,” wrote Chrissy Teigen. Star Billy Eichner spoke for many fans when he said, “We loved her.”

“Maggie Griffin Godspeed,” tweeted Sharon Stone, “So sorry @kathygriffin for your loss.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson sent “tons of love” Kathy’s way, while Traci Lords tweeted, “Oh honey. I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending you and your family much love.”

Kris Jenner commented on Instagram, writing, “God Bless precious Maggie and may she Rest In Peace … love you Kathy.” Ross Mathews added, “Oh Kathy. There are no words. What a beautiful relationship the two of you share. I wish that connection for everyone. I feel so lucky that I got to meet her. Thank you for sharing her with us all so we could love her even slightly as much as you do. I love you.”

Selma Blair wrote, “Oh Kathy! I am so sorry. So sorry. She was always making me laugh when I watched you two. This grief will be deep. And hard. I am sure. Feel it. It will lessen. And she will be in every bottle of white you open. And everywhere else you find her spirit … sending strength. And massive hugs.”

Added Maria Shriver, “I’m so so sorry Kathy i know losing ones mother is one of life’s hardest blows no pain like it i know May you be gentle with yourself may you know you have love around you and know i send you my love.”

Jack Black left a blue heart emoji, before Gloria Estefan left a lengthy comment.

“I’m so deeply sorry, Kathy! Your mom was a very special human being and the bond you two shared was one of a kind” she wrote. “You are blessed to have had her for so long and she was blessed to have had you. The pain will be deep and strong but only because there was so much love, sharing and commitment. And the mere fact that she went on St. Patrick’s Day is her parting message to you. Keep your heart open because I’m certain that she will continue to send messages that will give you peace in the knowledge that she’s still with you, loving and protecting. May she Rest In Peace and you feel the satisfaction of knowing that you loved her well and took care of her always.”

In January 2019, Griffin revealed her mother was suffering from dementia, sharing how hard it was to see Maggie’s “so naturally quick, funny and smart” mind “slip away.”

“In terms of how she is now, at this point she only knows my name and I love you,” she shared at the time. “She loved making people happy and making people laugh. And trust me, I know she was the bigger star … thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us a lifetime of memories.”

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As heartbreaking as this is, I feel the need to share some important info about my mom Maggie. I've always been honest with you all, but this one is really hard. The pic below, taken in September, was the last time I was able to have a proper/coherent conversation with her.Since that photo was taken, she has rapidly fallen into the throes of dementia. This is never easy for any child, I know this is a reality that millions of people deal with every year. But when it comes to my mom this is particularly hard because her sharp mind was everything. My mom is 98 and up until this past couple years she was so sharp she always kept me on my toes. Her mind was so naturally quick, funny, and smart. No one could get anything past her. Watching that slip away so fast has been devastating.I want to assure you all that she is not in pain and she is getting the best 24-hour care. In terms of how she is now, at this point she only knows my name and I love you. I know many of you know what that reality is like…I'm still grappling with it.  A big reason I'm sharing this news with you is that so many of you have asked why I haven't posted a video of Maggie & her beloved dog Twinkle in the past few months. Now you understand why we haven't been able to share anything, here is a moment between them from this summer. What I am most proud of when I comes to My Life On The D List is that show gave me the opportunity to show the world how naturally funny my parents were. When people tell me they feel like they know my mom, I always respond "you do!" She never put on a show, she was the show. If you ever met my mom and asked for a photo, you should know it was a pleasure as much for her as it was for you. She loved making people happy and making people laugh. And trust me, I know she was the bigger star…thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us a lifetime of memories.

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