Kathy Griffin Puts Andy Cohen and Harvey Levin on Blast, Says Andy Offered Her Cocaine -- TWICE [Video]

Kathy Griffin is done playing games.

In response to Andy Cohen’s ‘I don’t know her’ shade to TMZ, Kathy unleashed a 17-minute video in which she blasts both Andy and TMZ founder Harvey Levin.

via THR:

“I just want you guys to know Harvey Levin. Harvey Levin a blogger, is very much in bed with everyone from Hollywood to Donald Trump,” she said. “Doesn’t that bother you, that the president of the United States is talking to a gossip blogger?” 

Griffin explained she took the measure because TMZ helped fuel the rage against her after she took a photo of a fake severed head resembling Donald Trump. A federal investigation was opened into Griffin for the picture, and she has been placed on the Interpol list, she said. 

“I was on the No Fly list for two months, so every single airport I have gone to, I have been detained alone,” she said. 

“They have done hit pieces on me to the point where it’s actually affected my career,” Griffin continued. “Harvey Levin, have you ever done anything honorable, ever?”

She then accused Levin of being “the gay male version of Kellyanne Conway” for previous comments he made to her in private. “I just want everyone to know TMZ is very much in bed with this administration,” she said. “I ran out of fucks to give, Harvey.”

The comic also went after Andy Cohen, who recently publicly slighted her. 

Cohen pretended he did know who Griffin was when he was asked by a TMZ  cameraman the other day, though the two worked together for years at the same network. Cohen was also named to replace Griffin on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper after she was fired for the Trump head photo. 

“People like Harvey Levin and Andy Cohen, honestly just live to take women down,” she said.  

Griffin also accused Cohen of offering her cocaine on multiple occasions. “He is going to say he was kidding: no. He was asking me to do cocaine with him,” she said. “That made me very uncomfortable.” 

Watch Kathy’s video below. She went in!


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