'Karen' Shouts Anti-Asian Slurs at Post Office Employee [Video]

The irate white woman calls her a “b-ch” and adds “ch–k” again before walking out.

A white woman hurled racist remarks at an Asian employee of a California post office last Thursday.

Video of the incident went viral after an unidentified woman became agitated at the customer service counter of the Los Altos branch of the USPS.

“Can’t you just do your job?” the woman shouts in the over 90-second clip posted to Instagram by Tyler Brumfield. “It’s simple. A letter was certified return receipt. I don’t need to hear all this other stuff that you want to try to dictate to me. I’ve been in this country for 38 years, I think I should know what I’m doing.”

After the employee walks away from the counter, the upset woman yells, “Ch–k.”

One bystander can be heard off camera saying, “Hey, not appropriate! Absolutely not!” as another shouted, “That is not acceptable. She said ch–k. You might need to go somewhere.”

After the employee comes back to the counter to finish the transaction, the irate woman calls her a “b-ch” and adds “ch–k” again before walking out.

As she is leaving the post office, a man shouts, “Get out of here! Bye, Karen! Oh my God. Wow. Terrible lady.”

“We are all humans and we should respect each other as such,” Tyler Brumfield told KGO. “Because someone is different or has different melanin doesn’t mean we have to disregard the humanity of that particular person.”

A spokesperson for the USPS said in a statement, “No employee should have to suffer any abuse by a customer, and we have every right to refuse service to anyone who is abusive.”

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