Karen Calls Police on Black Man Waiting on Son Outside His Own House [Video]

Another day, another Karen.

A white woman has been filmed calling the police on a Black man… for sitting outside his own house.

The clip, uploaded on Reddit, shows the accosted man sitting in his car waiting on his son to come out, while the woman stands on his porch, challenging him.

“Didn’t think this would happen to me…” the man sighs as he gets out of the car.

“Yup! Called the police!” the woman chirps. “Already did. They’re on their way.”

“This lady’s crazy y’all, I’m at my house,” the man tells the camera, only to be interrupted by: “Why don’t you come in to your f**king house?”

So he does.

“No problem! no problem,” he tells her, deciding to oblige her, walking right passed her standing defiantly on his porch, and into his house.

“This lady’s in my way at my house… this woman says I don’t live here,” he tells a housemate in the hallway, who also obliges the strange woman, telling her deadpan: “He lives here.”

“This is my house. You’re crazy lady,” the man tells her, showing incredible restraint, never becoming angry or even swearing at her, even though she’s standing on his property. “Another white lady pulling some more bullcrap.”

But instead of apologizing / crumbling with embarrassment / running away, she doubles down and continues to smirk and shake her head, before pointing at his car parked outside his driveway, as if proof of his wrongdoing.

“I don’t have to! I’m waiting for my son to come outside!” he retorts. “I don’t have to do anything you say lady!”

Finally she turns to go — but she’s not admitting defeat yet.

“She already called the police… another one of those ladies on TV, on the internet,” the man laments as he watches her storm off (the word he was looking for is “Karen”).

But as she departs, she begins screaming back profanities, telling him “f–k you!”

“No come back! Why are you running?” the poster — who never specifies where or when the incident occurred — calls after her. “F–k me? Why are you talking like that? There’s children out here!”

“You’re f–king retarded,” she shouts in the distance. “Get in your f–king driveway, idiot! You’re a f–king drug dealer!”

“I’m a drug dealer… wow. Amazing,” he chuckles at the end. “You see that stuff on the internet all the time, but you never think it’s going to happen to you at your own house. But there it is.”

[via TooFab]

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