Kanye West’s 2020 Presidential Committee Says Campaign Lost Thousands in Fraud Scheme

Nearly two years after Kanye West’s failed presidential bid, Ye’s 2020 committee claims they fell victim to a fraud scheme that resulted in thousands of dollars being stolen from the campaign’s bank account.

via: Uproxx

His run was filled with controversial moments which include accusations that his campaign was secretly run by Republicans and reports that it violated fundraising practices. The rapper himself reportedly said that the run “cost him his marriage” to his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Well, it turns out that his campaign cost him more than his marriage. According to his committee, the run also cost him a few thousand dollars thanks to a fraud scheme that was executed against Kanye.

TMZ reports that Kanye’s campaign committee filed a letter with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday. In the letter, they allege that someone who had access to the campaign funds stole the money to pay off credit bills. The committee says someone who was not affiliated with the campaign took $3,999 in total through three separate transactions that were made between December 2021 and February 2022.

“It has been determined that the disbursement for $1474 on 12/9/21, $1280 on 2/8/22 and $1245 on 2/22/22 was an external fraud situation,” the letter reads according to Insider. “After investigating, it was determined that an individual not connected with the campaign accessed a campaign account to pay his own credit card.” The latter later adds that Kanye was not reimbursed by the First Bank of Wyoming, where the campaign’s account was held, for the allegedly stolen funds.

“The bank was unable to reverse the transactions at issue due to the way they were presented for payment,” the campaign wrote.

Despite getting on the ballot in a handful of states, Kanye failed to qualify for most states’ ballots and earned a total of just 66,636 votes.

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