Kanye West to Use Photo of Mother's Plastic Surgeon on His Album Cover: 'I Want to Forgive and Stop Hating'

Kanye West intends to put the face of the man he feels is responsible for his mother’s death on the cover of his new album.

According to Kanye, he considers it an act of forgiveness.

He tweeted a text conversation  between him and someone named Wes, and included a photo of plastic surgeon Jan Adams.

via TMZ:

Adams performed breast reduction surgery along with liposuction and other procedures on Donda back in 2007. She died a day later at home.  The coroner said the death was linked to coronary issues triggered by the surgeries.

Kanye tells TMZ, “It’s essential that people start removing the hate from their heart.”   He’s practicing what he’s preaching, saying the point of the album cover is to  “forgive and stop hating.”

Kanye tells us the album cover is an olive branch to Adams.  Kanye says he’d like to meet him and talk.

The latest tweet falls in line with an earlier post, where Kanye challenged people to reach out to someone they had an argument with and tell them they’re loved.

Kanye feels the hatred fueled by social media and even traditional media is akin to World War III, and everyone needs to open their eyes to what’s going on around the world. 

There’s a lot to unpack here — and we don’t have the time.

For those wondering, that is Jan Adams’ mugshot — and mugshots are considered public domain. It’s unclear if Kanye will run into any legal issues for using the photo, but probably not.

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