Kanye West Strategizes Teyana Taylor, Kid Cudi, Nas & More Album Releases + Freestyles for TMZ [Video]

Kanye West is said to be super focused on the release of five G.O.O.D. Music albums. According to those invited to meet with Kanye, reports he’s having a ‘meltdown’ are far from the truth.

via TMZ:

Kanye invited Harvey Levin to his offices after taking issue with a TMZ source who told us ‘Ye had been acting erratically, and Harvey took him up on the offer, spending 2 hours with Yeezy and various music executives who were planning the release of the albums.

The execs at times struggled to keep up with Kanye, who was spewing ideas for a multi-platform release, beginning May 25 with the release of Pusha T‘s album, followed by Kanye’s solo album, Kids See Ghost, Nas and Teyana Taylor. Each album has 7 tracks, and Kanye made all the beats.

During the meeting, Kanye played around 10 songs featuring him, Nas, Teyana, Kid Cudi and Pusha T — a little editorializing … they’re awesome.

He freestyled for Harvey — unclear if this is on any of the tracks — but super fun to hear.

The album won’t be released or marketed exclusively on Tidal or any other platform … the plan is for it to go everywhere. 

BTW … Kanye says he’s serious about running for President in 2024. Hey, we laughed at someone else and look what happened. 

Check out the video below where Kanye freestyles about parents ‘stripping away confidence’ and ‘teaching white dominance’ while wearing a MAGA hat.

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