Kanye West Is Reportedly Planning A Fashion Show Using Homeless People As Models

Who needs Paris or Milan when there’s Skid Row?

via: Uproxx

Kanye West is reportedly putting his interest in fashion to philanthropic use, according to TMZ, which reports that the part-time designer plans to use his next fashion show to help the homeless. Ye has partnered with LA-based streetwear brand Skid Row Fashion Week on a collaboration with the goal of donating 100 percent of the proceeds to causes helping the city’s homeless population, which ballooned during the pandemic as a result of lost jobs, evictions, and foreclosures stemming from lockdown measures and lost profits throughout the private sector.

Yeezy and SRFW are also planning a literal fashion show to display the clothing and they want to employ actual homeless Skid Row residents as models and to work in the brand’s factory helping to produce the clothing itself.

Skid Row Fashion Week was founded by David Sabastian, an LA rapper/hypebeast/designer (you can check out his UPROXX Sessions performance at that link) who says he met Kanye at a recording session for the upcoming Donda sequel in the LA Arts District earlier this month. After some conversations, they decided to collaborate in the hopes of offering some assistance to those in need. According to TMZ, the collaboration will drop on February 22. You can find more information at skidrowfashionweek.com.

No stranger to the disenfranchised area of downtown LA, Kanye previously took his talents to Skid Row in November to meet and machinate with the CEO and president of LA Mission, a nonprofit that helps fight homelessness in Los Angeles.

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