Kanye West Opens Up and Shares His Feelings With the Paparazzi [Video]

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Kanye West was hounded by the paparazzi again, but this time instead of tackling the photographer he decided to have a little chat.

In the footage obtained by TMZ,  Kanye opened up about some of his issues with the paps and expressed concern for his daughter.

“I couldn’t imagine my daughter being four years old and you guys screaming at ‘em,” he said.

He even offered an explanation for his assault on a photographer back in July/

“That’s the day I found out that my grandfather was not gonna make it. He passed two weeks later,” said Kanye, who has since been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft.

It wouldn’t be a Kanye convo without a little self-love:

“I know you guys are gonna photograph me. I know it makes a cool photo. I got a cool ass car and shit. I got a dope ass outfit on. It’s all good and shit.”

Watch their interaction below.

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