Kanye West May Face Felony Charges + Boldly Claims 'New Slaves' Has Best Rap Verse in History

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Kanye….oh Kanye.

Yesterday we showed you footage of Kanye viciously attacking a photographer at LAX. Naturally, the photographer wants to press charges and it could mean bad news for Kanye. He’s now being investigated for a potential felony robbery attempt since the photographer claims Kanye tried to steal his camera.

Ironically enough, the cameraman attacked by Kanye is the SAME one that Britney Spears attacked with an umbrella back in 2007. According to TMZ:

After the umbrella incident … Dano put the umbrella (she left it on the street and he picked it up) on eBay.  He also put the Ford Explorer she dented on the website and the bidding reached more than $30k.

But those figures are small potatoes … we’re told he also raked in a fortune from his video of the incident with Britney.

Here’s another angle of the photog & Kanye going at it.

In other Kanye news, Yeezus took to Twitter to make some awfully bold claims about his new song, “New Slaves“.


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