Kanye West Explodes on Paparazzi After Walking Head First into A Sign: 'Don't take no more f**king pictures' [Photos + Video]

Kanye Walks Into A Sign Lovebscott 3

Kanye and Kim were out walking yesterday (after they were spotted house hunting together in Beverly Hills) and as usual they were swarmed by the Paparazzi. In attempt to shield his face, Kanye proceeded to walk staring straight down at the ground…but unfortunately for him he walked head first into a metal sign. Ouch.

Minutes later he spazzed out at the photographer, yelling “Don’t take no more f**king pictures!” among other things…

Watch both clips below.

Damn, Ye. Today he was spotted walking around with a fresh gash on his forehead.

Kanye Walks Into A Sign Lovebscott



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