Kanye West Claims Ex-Business Partner Took Advantage During Kim K Divorce, Countersues

Earlier this month, Kanye West’s ex-manager Thomas St. John has dropped the accusation the disgraced musician committed fraud against him in his $4.5 million battle.

via: TMZ

TMZ Hip Hop obtained docs filed by Kanye and his Yeezy brand … where he claims the deal he struck with Thomas St. John isn’t enforceable because he signed it without help from a lawyer when he was “sleep-deprived, stressed, anxious, and under duress.”

According to the lawsuit, Ye says he met St. John around March 2022 — and they sketched out a deal that would place him on a $300k monthly retainer.

Kanye admits the two met during one of his many social media meltdowns — and St. John swooped in as a respected biz manager who could steer the ship back on course.

Although Ye admits to signing a document with St. John in May 2022 … he claims he did so without the presence and counsel of his lawyers, and as his high-profile divorce with Kim Kardashian was taking a serious toll.

Ye also says the increased volume of paparazzi encounters amid the divorce was causing sleep deprivation, stress and anxiousness.

Ye is also complaining about a clause in the “barebones” agreement that prevented St. John from being terminated for at least the first 18 months … essentially guaranteeing his bank account stayed stacked with Ye’s funds.

Their union only lasted roughly 3 months but Ye is so appalled St. John had the nerve to sue him for $5.4 mil in the first place, he’s asking the judge not only to tear up the contract entirely but to also force St. John to pay back the $900k he’s already collected.

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