Justin Bieber Sipping On Sizzurp?


Looks like the Bieb is coming under fire again.

Justin Bieber, 18, was reportedly partying with his close friends this week and TMZ is reporting that all 3 boys were drinking “sizzurp” at the gathering. The photos, currently being shopped around, show Justin, Lil Za and Lil Twist (what’s with all the ‘Lil’s? Aren’t you guys like 17?) at a table rolling up blunts. Also on the table — two sets of double cups (a known style of consuming sizzurp which was made popular by Lil Wayne).

Although Bieber’s people are denying that he’s ever consumed the drug, TMZ’s report says that one of the photos shows Justin drinking from the double cup. The two ‘rappers’ hanging with Justin are the same two who have smoked weed with the singer before. TMZ reached out to Lil Twist’s rep (who knew he even had one?) and they declined to give a comment. Lil Za on the other hand, was pulled over while driving Justin’s white ferrari in Beverly Hills and then responding to questions by asking “What the f**k is sizzurp?

Does this alter your opinion of the teen sensation?

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