Justin Bieber Reportedly Visited An LA Prison With His Pastor To Preach Christianity [Photo]

Though he’s fresh off the release of sixth studio, Justin Bieber managed to find the time to spread “the good news.”

via: Uproxx

Justin Bieber has openly discussed his deeply religious background and this week, he put his beliefs into action. Following the release of his anticipated album Justice Friday, which examines his religious roots, the singer returned from vacation and immediately got to work spreading the word of God.

Bieber rolled up to California State Prison of LA County in his prized RV trailer early this week, according to a report from TMZ. His goal was to preach Christianity to inmates there. Apparently, the warden of the state prison signed off on a brief visit for Bieber and his pastor, who was there to support faith-based programs at the jailhouse. The report states that it’s unclear exactly what Bieber’s plans were for the day, but he may have read the gospel or lead a choir in song. Thankfully, COVID-safe protocols were reportedly followed “to a T” during his visit.

Not only did Bieber’s Justice album touch on themes of Christianity, but it also attempts to discuss social justice issues. His way of doing so was to include quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr, which felt disjointed and received some backlash from listeners. Bieber claimed that his goal was to simply “amplify Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice to this generation” and while many didn’t think the intention was clear, MLK’s estate had actually signed off on the samples.

The Justice singer has been very open about his rekindled faith over the past several years. It was exactly two months ago when he shared an Instagram post reflecting on his 2014 DUI arrest in Miami, and credited god for helping him get through the challenging time.

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