Judge Rules Blac Chyna Can't Blame the Kardashian Family for Her Failed Reality Show

Blac Chyna is about to lose in court…again.

A judge is ruling Chyna can’t blame the Kardashians for her E! reality show getting cancelled.

via TMZ:

According to docs, the judge is leaning toward tossing Chyna’s claim Kris Jenner and some of her daughters strong-armed E! to cancel “Rob & Chyna.” The judge said the network had every right, under the contract — which Chyna signed — to NOT continue the series.

Chyna argued in her suit, E! had “effectively” exercised the option for season 2 when it announced it would air, and started shooting scenes. The judge says that’s not enough, though, and Chyna will need something in writing to prove E! was obligated.

It’s not all bad news. She can amend the lawsuit … plus her other claims, such as defamation, are still alive and kicking.

She should give this a rest.

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