Judge Orders Damon Dash To Appear For Deposition

Damon Dash just can’t seem to catch a financial break, looks like once again he’s dealing with a lawsuit.

via: Page Six

A judge has demanded that Damon Dash appear for a deposition in a case alleging that he ripped off a movie.

Dash was due to continue his deposition on November 20 in a case brought against him by director Josh Webber over a flick called “Dear Frank” — but the Roc-A-Fella co-founder was a no-show.

Now the judge has issued an order to Dash giving him one last shot to turn up “no later than the end of January 2021.”

If he fails to show again, he will lose his case and a “default judgment will be entered in favor of Plaintiffs,” according to the order, seen by Page Six.

But an attorney for Dash tells Page Six that he intends to comply with the order, and he only failed to show up because his wife gave birth earlier than expected.

The case is clearly very personal to Dash, who appears to have a beef with opposing attorney Chris Brown (not to be confused with the famed singer).

During Dash’s initial depo in the case last year, he called Brown a “culture vulture,” and threatened to “ruin [him] as a lawyer.”

“I’m just giving you rope to hang yourself,” Dash said.

Earlier this year, Dash even told Page Six of Brown, “I’m so uninspired by his energy and his outfits. The lack of taste to be in court for something this minor and then have to look at this type of s–t is disgusting to me … If you’re going to try and rob me, just do it fly.”

Brown has represented other clients in suits against the mogul.

Dash is being sued by “Dear Frank” director Webber, who claims in court docs that Dash was briefly involved in the project — but continued to try and sell the flick as his own movie, even after he was let go. He claims Dash tried to pass his film off as a different movie called “The List.” Webber claims the move caused confusion in the marketplace.

Dash has said that he actually directed the film and posted on Instagram that “they stole my footage which was shot by my camera at my house.”

A lawyer for Dash tells us, “We intend on complying with the judge’s order and will produce Mr. Dash for his deposition.” They added that he didn’t show because of the birth and the pandemic; Dash is high-risk for the coronavirus because he’s diabetic.

Come on Dame, pay the people if you owe them money. You don’t want anyone pressing you, like you did Lee Daniels at the Diana Ross concert.

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