Judge Mathis Offers Thoughts on What Ashanti Can Do About Irv Gotti’s Comments

Judge Mathis has weighed in on Irv Gotti’s continuous comments about Ashanti.

via Yahoo:

While in New York City, TMZ caught up with famed TV judge Greg Mathis to ask about his opinions on the Gotti-Ashanti debacle. When asked if he thinks the Grammy-awarded singer should seek a gag order in response to Gotti’s ongoing alleged sex-related remarks, Mathis responded with a resounding yes.

“If she feels she’s being defamed, she should perhaps send a cease and desist, if nothing else, hoping that they’ll honor the law. Because a cease and desist order is just that: the law.” He went on, “So that would be my suggestion prior to moving forward. Just send a cease and desist and hope that they honor that.”

The judge mentioned that although he doesn’t know the validity of Gotti’s claims, nor exactly what was said, Ashanti should go the legal route if she feels that she’s being defamed. “I know it’s some things [Gotti said] that are unflattering, I’ll just say that. And no, I’m not going to repeat it and spread it further.”

Judge Mathis also shared that he’s dealt with many cases like this quite frequently. “As I tell the litigants, it has to be an intent to hurt your reputation, and it has to be made to third parties, and it must actually hurt your reputation…So that’s the issue. Does it actually hurt your reputation, or does it give you more fame like our kids get in this society?”

Mathis’ response follows the viral Drink Champs interview where the Murda Inc. boss and music executive Irv Gotti revealed that he was in love with Ashanti when he learned that she was dating Nelly. He also went on to allege that he and Ashanti had some sort of sexual relationship upon her releasing her smash hit “Happy” releasing in 2002.

We hope Ashanti pays all of these opinions complete dust.

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