Judge Confirms Prince Did Not Have a Will -- Bank Appointed to Distribute Assets

Musician Prince performs for the media in Miami Beach February 1, 2007. Prince will be the half-time entertainer at the NFL's Super Bowl XLI on Sunday. REUTERS/Peter Jones (UNITED STATES) - RTR1LVUW

We can all put the speculation to rest, a judge has confirmed that Prince indeed died without leaving a will.

Following today’s hearing in Minnesota, Bremer Bank — a bank Prince has been doing business with for the past three years — has been temporarily appointed to distribute his assets.

The judge is only making the Bank administrator for 6 months, until a personal representative can be appointed. His sister, Tyka, has already filed for that position — however, his other brothers and sisters can also file to become the personal representative which can make things get real ugly, real fast.

His brothers and sisters are all in line to split his estate, estimated to be around $150 million.

According to experts, the fact that Prince didn’t have a will is going to be a big challenge moving forward.

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